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MAIORANO | Architectures of the Soul


In the scenery of Palazzo Taverna’s display areas, the Emmeotto Gallery presents “Architetture dell’Animo” (Architectures of the Soul), a solo show featuring previously unseen sculptures production by Maiorano.


Among the first exponents of digital art, Maiorano turns his attention to the social and urban reality around him, becoming a witness to everyday life. Starting from photography, the artist mingles different features: digital processing overlaps with the fluid brush strokes of pictorial elements and with experimentation with assembly of  material. The emphasis is on a dividing line between artificial world and natural universe. Architectures, which play a major role in his pictorial works, take on solidity, eventually turning into those three-dimensional construction/sculptures which are now put on display for the first time. Playing with an alternation of full and empty spaces, that highlights the paradigm of his spiritual architectures, Maiorano creates tangles of geometrical blocks and fluent lines. The choice of a recovered material such as perspex enhances the transparency of his sculptures, on which light has a natural impact.

The exhibition is dotted with components which recur on a constant basis in Maiorano’s work: the places irradiated with a rush of energy, which wraps up the represented subjects/objects and seems to make them immune to gravity, the characters populating his architectures and the elusive light, that envelops everything in a sort of flotation system, where shapes quickly dissolve, while still keeping their tangible consistency. Elements, just like jigsaw pieces, contribute to building and unbuilding space, in a succession of overlapping apparitions, where images, colour additions and digital technology, filtered by the artist’s subjectivity, blend together and generate the work/vision.

Sculptures alternate with highly impactful images, where architectures evaporate into the background of innovative perspectives, and light paths reveal the bewilderment of contemporary man.
Visual and oneiric illusion reconstructs and deconstructs images, originating a dialogue between places, spaces and times and nourishing a quest for constant balance between motionlessness and dynamism, exterior reality and introspection, order and chaos, rationality and irrationality, natural matter and artificial technology, figure and line.


February 20th  – March 15th 2014

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