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Serafino Maiorano di Danilo Eccher (excerpt)

[…] This elegant painting is supported by a sophisticated emphasis on colour which is capable of flaring up into a thousand flashes or calming down into a succession of nuances. Thanks to these minute pictorial protagonists and their chromatic vitality and discretion, Maiorano can liberate the enchantment, moving away from the austerity of conceptualism and seeking refuge from the dangers of esotericism.

[…] All this has been assisted by an increasing technical skill in processing digital images, with which Maiorano takes his risks, and embarks on his adventures, rising up in a stunning form of visionariness. There is no exhibition of technical virtuosity, nor any morbid search for harrowing or provocative pictures – in other words, there is none of the recurrent alphabet of too much contemporary digital art but simply the desire to manipulate a real and ephemeral reality, bending it to his own vision and freeing it from its own superficiality. This creates pictures with a strong personality and great visual impact. There are majestic buildings, heroic urban landscapes, and unforeseen perspectives that are deformed and that evaporate in an uncontrollable liquidity. Vaults and columns dilate, interiors are folded in on themselves, naves and domes become impossible cathedrals, monumental staircases and windows are mixed together timelessly, without order, memory or certainty.

(from the presentation in the catalogue of the exhibition “MAIORANO, IMMAGINE REGIA”, Reggia di Caserta, 2008)

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